Rosary Patch Program: Glorious Mysteries

Completion of the program is required before purchasing the Glorious Mysteries Patch.
SKU: 430-12-134GMP

The Rosary Series will focus on a different set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and an activity describing how to pray the rosary. This is an opportunity for the youth and adults alike to learn more about their faith. All youth and leaders are eligible to earn the patch.

There are 5 activities in all. They are the Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries and Pray the Rosary. A beautiful 5" diameter patch is available with each activity.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can work on this program?
All youth and adults.

Does the youth need to submit the answers to the requirements when they are done with the activity?
No. The answers should be reviewed by an adult. The application and patch fee are the only things that need to be submitted.

Will there be more than one Activity

Yes. There are a series of five patches. They run as follows: Joyful Mysteries Patch; Luminous Mysteries Patch; Sorrowful Mysteries Patch; Glorious Mysteries Patch and the Rosary Patch. All patches are still available.

Is this activity considered a religious emblem, and will Cub or Boy Scouts receive their religious knot after
completing the form?

No. The activity is considered a religious activity not a religious emblem. Cub and Boy Scouts will not receive a religious knot after completing the form.