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NOTE: Items on this store may be purchased ONLY by those within the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

All others should contact their representative(s) in their respective (Arch)diocese:

However, if your (Arch)diocese doesn't have a representative, we will be happy to help you. But first, please CALL US at 314-792-7613 before you order anything- otherwise your order might not be fulfilled!

Please note that you must purchase at least $4 worth of items in order to buy online. If you would like to purchase items totaling less than $4, you will need to visit the Catholic Youth Apostolate directly and pick up your items, paying by cash or check.

How to Use this Store

To use the store, simply search for the item you're looking for, or browse for an item using the links above or in the 'Catalog' section on the left of this page. When you're finished, click on your shopping cart and purchase your items. Your credit card transaction will be handled securely via PayPal, so you can be assured that your financial information is safe. You can also pay by cash or check by picking up your items.